More About Me


Danny Simon’s real estate career was destined for success. As a Beverly Hills native, the Pacific Union Associate associate has a keen understanding of the Los Angeles real estate market as it compares to the global economic spectrum. Drawing confidence from a varied early career, from international commercial real estate to fashion, he set his sights on residential real estate, quickly hitting the $20 million sales mark in his initial years.  

From a young age, Danny observed, and later worked for, his family’s global company where he witnessed some of the most noteworthy commercial real estate deals ever made. After a brief, yet fulfilling, exploration of the fashion industry, Danny found himself drawn back to the field he knew best. And while his passion for residential real estate has catapulted him to success, he continues to push himself to take on challenging pursuits, like new construction. His success rate as a real estate professional can be attributed to his matchless drive, integrity and his keen ability to find opportunity where others do not. He prides himself on working diligently with clients, as he considers their goals his own. 

Growing up, Danny Simon lived in multiple Los Angeles neighborhoods including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. Influenced by his developed affinity for the Westside, he set his sights on selling the luxurious homes along the coast of Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. Now living in Brentwood, he continues to take note of the evolving nuances of each neighborhood and how they impact the real estate market. 

When not dutifully representing his real estate clients, Danny Simon devotes much of his time to local athletic organizations like Beverly Hills High School, Pepperdine and La Cienega Tennis Club. An avid cycler and devotee to soccer, tennis and volleyball, he has sustained and enjoyed an active lifestyle his entire life. Beyond his appreciation for sports, Danny is a world traveler, which has taught him the value of diversity and afforded him international friendships.